She is Whispering. They are Whispering.

This body of work is rooted in the concept of landscape and memory.

Jitka Hanzlová suggests in her ‘Forest’ series that, ‘The path I am taking leads me back, so I can see the future’.

These images are taken in a small area of woodland in the village were my father grew up; it was a perfect childhood playground for his friends, where they were safe and free.

Years later, I experience a different set of emotions.
The interconnectedness of place transcends time and memory, so new memories are fashioned from the old.

Reliving these creates memories through imagination; I search for a link between past and present, reconciling ‘what-was’ to ‘what-is’.


A text has been written by Andrea Gallagher to accompany this body of work.
The text can be viewed here: She Is Whispering


This work has being curated into a book and an exhibition.
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